Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New League Registration Policy *Proposed*



1. Registration for Team Players and Unassigned Players start 1 month before the day of the first game. Registration ends 1 week before the start of the first game unless vacancies still exist for Team players.
FLBA members registration has priority over non-members for the first week of registration.  There after until registration closes all registrations are on a first submitted bases.

2. Leagues must have an even number of Teams, but they cannot have less than 4 or more than 8.

3. Teams must have 4 players. Any unassigned player from the list of unassigned players may be substituted for a missing Team player. Team players from another FLBA league may also be substituted. No more than 3 players can be substituted on a Team. If a FLBA player cannot be found, a non-player may be substituted, but must pay $5 to the League Captain. (The goal is to play the game, not forfeit)

1. All Players, Team or Unassigned, must pay $40.00 to join the league. Team players are designated when they join. No more than 6 Team players may be assigned to one Team. Team players may not play against their assigned Team, but may be substituted on any other team if it’s ok with the playing captains. The Team captain will collect the fees from the team players and pay the FLBA Treasurer the amount for all the Team players ($40.00 x number of team players). Unassigned players pay $40.00 individually. The unassigned player may be placed into a Team or remain unassigned.

1. Any league player is considered an FLBA member during the time of their participation in the League. This entitles them to automatic coverage under the FLBA Liability Insurance Policy while they are playing, first pick to enter any FLBA Tourney held that season, the right to attend any FLBA event that year as a member, and the right to attend the annual FLBA meeting and vote.

2. While not required to join the FLBA as an annual member, we respectfully request that you do so to support the cause of Bocce. It is the annual memberships that pays for the Liability Insurance that covers your play, pays for the FLBA website and email service, pays for all administrative cost and all the things that allow us to continue educating the hundreds of school kids and providing the FLBA Leagues that we know you enjoy playing in. The $40.00 League Fees pay for the cost of building and maintaining the courts, all other expenses are paid thru the FLBA membership.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Home Stretch - April 25th, 2011

We are into the last week before the League begins.  So far we have 7 teams signed up on Monday and 1 on Tuesday and 2 on Wednesday.  We just put up two 4x8' vynal signs on Sigellkow Road at 51 and Marsh Rd.  Since thw signs went up on Friday we have had 2 inquiries and 1 team sign up so they have paid for themselves.  With all the traffic that runs by them daily I have high expectations that we will be getting many more before the week is out.
Also we will have a News release in the Thistle this week and that should be viewed by a few thousand readers.  We'll see how that helps.  I should do a survey once leagues start to see what influenced people to join.
At least the weather seems to be improving.  It was sunny yesterday with temps in the 60's and it looks promising for the rest of the week.
The school has put our Summer Youth League Info on their web site.  I hope that will generate a lot of interest with the kids.  Will all this is going on I also have a golf league I manage that is playing out at Glenway GC and it starts next week as well.  I need one more golfer so if yor interested let me know quick.
I'll try to keep you posted as things progress through the week.

Year Two - April 5th

Year one is finally over and I though we would never get thru it.  Getting the courts built was an awesome job and one that frankly I never thought would happen.  It seemed sometimes that we argued more than we agreed.  We argued about the courts, we argued about the membership, we argued about the leagues, but when all was said and done we got the job done.  We finished the courts and they turned out pretty nice too.  We had our first 8 week league in the late summer - early fall, had a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, held a couple of Tourneys and gave Bocce instruction to about 420 middle schoolers from Waubesa School.  Not a bad start I'd say.
Now we have had our 2nd Annual Membership meeting,  it was a beautiful day and a small turnout but we got thru it.  We replaced 3 board members whose terms had expired and two board members who left for work and health related issues.  Our five new board members look healthy and seem ready to go.  I am enthused to see the new season begin.  Our Bocce calendar is beginning to show signs of activity.  We have dates setup for 3 leagues so far.  The McFarland  Monday Evening Adult League, Tuesday Evening Adult League, and Wednesday Evening Adult League.  We think the Italian Workmens' Club will be playing on Thursdays starting in June and we are hoping to have a Hospitality League for any teams associated with the motel/hotel, supper club and tavern business sectors.  The leagues will become autonomous with the League Secretaries signing up the Teams, setting up the schedules and maintaining the scores.  Each League must have at least 4 to 8 Teams and use 2 to 4 courts for 9 weeks.
Team Captains may signup their Teams and send their checks to the FLBA Treasurer, Chuck Basford at 5010 Black Walnut Dr, McFarland, WI  53558.
We will also be having a McFarland Youth Recreational Bocce League and various McFarland Senior Bocce activities.
The year is shaping up.
Chuck Basford
FLBA Treasurer and Court Manager

It' Been Cold - April 17,2011

I should write more often, but it's been cold.  We should have more teams signed up by now, but it's been cold.  We should have more members joining the FLBA, but it's been cold.  Yes it has been cold and that's as good an excuse as any but to be honest we've done most everything  we can think of to get the word out but not much results so far.  Maybe the fact that it did snow yesterday really is having an impact on getting the Bocce Fever fired up.
This time last year we were out on the golf course with temps in the 70's getting warmed up for our May Golf League.  We didn't have Bocce last year at this time because the courts hadn't even been started.  Maybe what we need is a blast of warm breezes to get the Bocce blood flowing.
I must say however, that I got an email this morning from someone signing up a team of six for Monday night.  Maybe that will stir a few more into getting into gear and sending me their signups and checks.
I want to tell you though I certainly ran across a bunch of new Bocce enthusiast Thursday evening as students signed up for the UW Mini Course on Bocce actually showed up in their winter coats with temps hovering at 36-38 degrees and 15-20 MPH winds to learn how to play Bocce.  Not exactly the dress attire you would normally see on the courts but it was suitable for the weather.  Once again the Bocce fever took hold and within minutes of starting play they were hopping and hollering it up on the ole' oyster shell surface.  That proves it folk's, no matter what the temp, Bocce is a game that brings out the fun and good times.  Look out Curling!  There's a new Winter sport in town.
Four Lakes Bocce